A Few Astonishing And Weird Google Patents You Might Have Never Heard

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Have you ever thought that there can be a weird, wild and wacky tech patents that have been released by United States Patent and Trademark Office/ USPTO. There are many that are owned by some very popular companies including Google.

As per the opinion, news and other traditional media, it has become a bit difficult for the experts to make the difference between the reality and the rumors.

As per the latest facts, Google has announced that they have widened their database for the patent documents along with Google Patent Search in order to include the patent documents from the surplus set of apps. There are a few new patent agencies that have been included within the Google Patent Search included within different countries.

Weird Google Patents –

Floating Wave-powered Server farm:

Each time, you make a Google search for the cute animals, just have a watch on YouTube video or you can also send a message through Gmail. Google just needs to employ the electricity in order to leverage all those services. The very huge global information burned up to 2.26 million megawatt hours in the year of 2011.

floating wave servers

This was about the quarter of the result of the typical nuclear power plant. This might have been done in order to diminish the utility bills and thus, Google filed a patent application for “Water-Based Data Center”.

Social Networking Updates:


The various updates made by Comic Strips for Social Networking websites allows the user to post the self-designed comic strip to the status made on social network websites. Google also filed the Self Creation for their Comic Strip Patents in the year of 2011. One can also choose the theme, cartoon and will post it to multipanel cartoon strip.

Gadgets Projecting Keyboard:

Google Glass can be defines as the technology giant’s released vision that is wearable, gesture and voice activated computer having optical display with head-mounted that will clearly resemble the pair of eyeglasses.

File photo of Google founder Sergey Brin posing for a portrait wearing Google Glass glasses during New York Fashion Week

This will make all the users into an equivalent character o Tony Stark of “Iron Man” movies. This might free the user theoretically from becoming a deskbound and will make free from carrying the hand-held devices including tablets and smartphones. In practice, there will be a tricky side as well.

Throat tattoo Microphone:

International Tattoo Convention Frankfurt

This may sound as an innovative idea and for a while, it has been barred from getting into a rumor. The patent was filed in 2012 by Google. In actual, the patent was also filed by Google owned company. It was called as Embedding an Electronic Skin Tattoo to Mobile Communication service.

Walking Stick:

Online collection of street photographic panoramas is one of the most appealing features that aid the users to roam across US and neighboring countries. Additionally, Google has also started posting the 360-degree images that have been shot by the photographers with unwieldy backpack cameras.

On the Trail to the Rifugio Soria-Ellena

In the year 2013, Google was granted with a patent for the particular device that makes the landscape facile.

Temperature, Sound and Light Advertisement Generator:

In the year of 2008, Google filed the patent for titled Advertising Based On Environmental Situations. Within this, Google planned to employ the smartphones with a technology that can aid in sensing the sound, temperature and light.

UK - London - Burberry sunglasses window ad

Therefore, the advertising on device might be based on it. So, in case, you are at the place where it is too hot, the device will detect the advertisement for all available air conditioners.

Software Splitting Restaurant Bills:

Have you ever faced this? You are going to a restaurant with a few friends and waiter is restricting you for splitting the checks. In such a case, you might have offered to pay the bill and expecting to get reimbursed by other party for share. However, there is also a tricky part that some of the group has forgotten to pay you back.


Now, no need to worry as Google has the patented software that will split your bill, so that you always need not to pay the bill.

Virtual Assistant tweeting and posting on social websites:

All the individuals want to make their own impression on various social networking websites. They usually do this by posting the striking replies to tweets and Facebook status. But it will be better to fact it by getting clever and hard-worker.

Unread mails on the phone

It has also continuously emerging up with the saucy digital bon mots that can take a huge effort which can also turn into the full-time job. Will it be easier, if your smartphone or computer will help you out? Once, again Google has offered a patented perk that will aid in rescuing the user.

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